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Funding & Financing Resources

Seaports Magazine Spring 2017: Supply Chain Leadership
The spring 2017 issue of Seaports magazine focused on how Supply Chain Optimization is funded. Articles include Fast Act Impact and Following up on the Funding Trail.

Port Administration & Legal Issues Seminar
This Seminar addressed the latest trends, challenges and risk management strategies for port administrators, finance officers, real estate managers, attorneys, and risk managers. Sessions include How to Ensure Payments of Port Charges and to Protect Your Port in the Event of Tenant Bankruptcies, Record Retention, Risk Management Issues: Loss Mitigation Strategies for Ports and the New Regulatory Regime for Ports.

Seaports Magazine Winter 2016: Port Success Stories
The winter 2016 issue of Seaports magazine focused on AAPAs member ports’ funding success stories.

2016 Infrastructure Development & Financing Seminar
This seminar was designed to help ports meet the challenges related to port infrastructure development and financing. Sessions addressed project planning (including market analysis, quantifying need, and evaluating options); the steps in determining project feasibility; and identifying financing options, including public private partnerships, government programs and other sources.

Port Planning & Investment Toolkit
AAPA, together with the Maritime Administration, brought together experts from around the port industry to develop an easy-to-read, easy-to-understand, and easy-to-execute Port Planning and Investment Toolkit to help you get to the point of bidding out a plan for the repairs and upgrades needed to handle the immense demands currently and in the future.

Maritime Economic Development Committee
A key priority of AAPA's Maritime Economic Development Committee is access to public and private sector capital. Ports need more public and private-sector funding assistance for major port infrastructure investments, ranging from marine terminal upgrades and industrial property developments, to connecting road, rail and waterside infrastructure with port properties.