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Partnerships and Strategic Plan


Strategic Plan

AAPA’s Board of Directors approved a new Strategic Plan for the Association at its November 10, 2014 meeting in Houston, Texas.

Click on the link below for PDF version of the Strategic Plan document:  

Among the key elements of the plan are AAPA’s new Vision:

To be the recognized, authoritative, and coordinated voice of the seaport industry in the Americas.

Mission Statement

The mission of American Association of Port Authorities is to educate stakeholders, provide services, and advocate policies that strengthen the ability of member seaports to serve their global customers and create economic and social value for their communities.

According to the plan, the Association will attain its mission through five goals:

1.  Relevance:  Recognize and fulfill the expectations of a diversified system of member ports as they connect their communities with the global supply chain.

2.  Awareness:  Build support for and understanding of the essential role and value of ports.

3.  Relationship Building:  Provide relationship building opportunities for members to share knowledge and to benefit their ports and port industry.

4.  Professional Development:  Increase competency in all facets of port management and governance.

For U.S. Members:

5.  Representation and Advocacy:  Influence public policies to strengthen and expand opportunities for member ports.