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Staff Questions : Whom to Call at Headquarters

  • For general questions or to contribute to AAPA's emergency relief fund:
    Keona Proctor: (703) 706-4717

  • For questions regarding sponsorships and exhibit booths:
    Kevin Traver: (703) 604-5309

  • For questions regarding registration for AAPA seminars, Annual Convention, Legislative Summit, or speaking arrangements and hotel information:
    Maggie Soergel: (703) 706-4701

  • For questions regarding membership information or dues assessment:
    Paula Gonzalez: (703) 517-6129

  • For questions regarding member experience, renewals or exhibit booths:
    Liz Mancini: (202) 604-5737
  • For assistance updating member account info or registering for AAPA seminars and Annual Convention:
    Imani Poindexter: (202) 907-7991
  • For questions regarding AAPA communications and marketing:
    Jen Wilk: (703) 254-7098

  • For questions regarding Seaports Magazine, Advisory e-newsletter, Smart Guide, Membership Directory or Career Center:
    Pam Maher: (703) 706-4703
  • For questions regarding Latin American Ports:
    Aldo Martinez: +52-722-247-5136

  • For questions regarding trade policy and legislative advocacy:
    Cary Davis

  • For media inquiries or questions regarding AAPA advocacy:
    Stephanie Casella: (202) 963-9860
  • For questions regarding waterside infrastructure, Corps’ navigation program, energy and water development appropriations, and legislative advocacy:
    Jen Armstrong: (703) 254-7105
  • For questions regarding port security and government relations:
    Derek Miller: (607) 321-9765

  • For questions regarding energy, environment, landside port infrastructure and government relations:
    Ian Gansler: (508) 654-4264

  • For questions regarding freight transportation and infrastructure policy:
    Matt Wiggins: (703) 684-5700
  • For questions regarding Workforce Development, Professional Port Manager (PPM®), Industry Recognized Port Certificate (IRPC) or ACCELerate Apprenticeship programs:
    Shannon McLeod: (703) 706-4707
  • For support or general questions regarding Workforce Development, PPM, IRPC or ACCELerate:
    Julie Barelas: (703) 706-4710

  • For questions regarding payments with a credit card or invoices:
    Larrinda Shields: (703) 706-4719