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Staff Questions : Whom to Call at Headquarters

  • For questions regarding press releases for AAPA's Advisory newsletter:
    Aaron Ellis, Tel: 703-706-4714

  • For questions regarding the Alert newsletter; environment, transportation, or general government affairs issues:
    Chris Connor, Tel: 703-684-5700

  • For questions regarding dredging issues and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers:
    Jim Walker, Tel: 703-706-4715

  • For questions regarding AAPA seminars and registration, Annual Convention, registration, speaking arrangements, or hotel information:
    Renita Gross, Tel: 703-706-4701

  • For questions regarding dues assessments, membership status, membership information, or sponsorship opportunities:
    Ed O'Connell, Tel: 703-706-4709

  • For questions regarding the Professional Port managers (PPM®) certification or the AAPA SHARE approach:
    Mary Beth Long, Tel: 703-706-4707

  • For questions regarding invoices and payments for seminars, publications, or dues: 
    Katie Miller. Tel: 703-706-4702