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AAPA Resolutions

Resolutions proposed for adoption by the membership are submitted first by a standing technical or policy committee. The resolutions are then considered and voted on by the Resolutions Committee and the entire membership at the Annual Convention.

Resolutions can be procedural, consisting of: resolutions providing for changing or modifying the certificate of incorporation or bylaws; and resolutions to receive, accept or approve the reports of officers or committees. Resolutions other than procedural ones have to be readopted at each annual meeting.

Procedural resolutions change the way the Association is governed or operates. Non-procedural resolutions are usually recommended by a committee or a regional delegation or individual, to signify or take a position on a particular issue. For example, AAPA has a resolution advocating free and fair trade. Resolutions are used to support testimony, and are cited in presentations, press releases and brochures.

Click here to view the 2019 AAPA Resolutions approved at this year's convention.