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Community & Public Support Resources

Public Relations Workshop
AAPA’s 2018 Public Relations Seminar combined lecture, interactive discussion and instructor-led exercises to cover topics vital to maritime industry communications professionals. Topics focused on developing effective messages, increasing community and stakeholder engagement and employing successful communications tools and techniques.

Seaports Magazine Summer 2017: Partnering for Success
The summer 2017 issue of Seaports magazine focused on how ports can succeed by creating valuable partnerships with stakeholders. Articles include Winning Is Not the Same as Succeeding, Stakeholders: A Seaport’s Secret Resource and Why Ports Need Allies.

2017 Communications & Economic Development Seminar
This seminar combined port public relations and maritime economic development interests, with a focus on collaborations and strategies to help ports gain favor with customers, community members, government officials and other important stakeholders. Sessions include Amplifying a Port’s Messages Through PR Industry Partnerships, Creating Synergy for Business Development, Effectively Measuring the Success of Port Communications Efforts and Blunting Efforts to Alter Port Waterfront Activities.

Seaports Magazine Summer 2016: Ports as Good Neighbors
The summer 2016 issue of Seaports magazine focused on how ports can work as partners in and with their local communities. Articles include Ports Strengthen Partnerships Via Community Outreach, The Slippery Slope: Ethical Considerations in Port Business Decisions and a four-part Community Outreach Toolbox that focuses on Educating the Public, Social Media, Community Events and Public Art.

Public Relations Committee
AAPA's Public Relations Committee members develops programs, strategies and activities which enhance and improve public appreciation of what ports do and increase public and stakeholder understanding of ports' contributions to the economy and to the quality of life.

Communications Awards Program
Sponsored by the AAPA Public Relations Committee, the annual Communications Awards Program has recognized excellence in port communications since 1966. There are a total of 15 entry classifications, ranging from advertisements to video presentations, and magazines to social media sites.