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Cruise Resources

2017 Cruise Seminar
This seminar focused on the current trends the cruise industry needs to consider to continue to grow itineraries and establish new ports of call. Sessions include The State of the Cruise Industry, How to Maximize the Guest Experience at Your Port/Terminal and How to Partner to Increase Passenger Volumes and Enhance Profitability.

Cruise Committee
The AAPA Cruise Committee focuses on how to attract, develop and maximize the benefits of cruise operations; monitor, collect and disseminate information, including but not limited to the planning, design and construction of cruise terminals and marketing of cruise facilities and cruise itineraries.

2015 Cruise Seminar
AAPA's 2015 Cruise seminar included sessions entitled The State of the Cruise Industry, Itinerary Planning and Destination Management, Extended Stay: Maximizing Passengers Added Value in Home Port Cities, Crisis Communication and Management, Terminal Development: New Construction vs. Renovation, Multi-use of Cruise Terminals, Environmental Challenges Looking Forward and Best Practices, Improving Logistics and Passenger Movement and U.S. Customs & Border Protection Inspections.