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2006 AAPA Annual Convention Business Program

September 10, 2006
New Orleans, Louisiana

This week-long convention, hosted by the Port of New Orleans, included technical and policy committee meetings, business sessions and social events allowing port professionals and others in the marine transportation industry to exchange views.

Partnerships for Connectivity: Leveraging Public–Private Partnerships for Mutually Beneficial Infrastructure Projects

This facilitated dialogue will address the process by which public and private transportation stakeholders can successfully initiate projects for mutual benefit and shared cost.

Luncheon Program: Keynote Address

Tackling 21st Century Challenges through Strategic Leadership

A facilitated session on effective leadership strategies for public ports.  The discussion will focus on How to Influence and Build Personal Effectiveness; Strategic Thinking; Model Organizations as Systems; and Creative Problem Solving

Keynote Address on the Changing World of Communications

Ports and other organizations need to think strategically when developing their communications plans, including audience and media research to determine how best to reach target audiences. With the explosion of new media, ranging from cable news and e-zines to blogs and Podcasts, we can no longer rely solely on mass media, such as daily newspapers and network TV. This session will detail recent changes in strategic communications and provide a fresh perspective on what organizations need to do to get their messages seen and heard. 

Effective Communications Strategies—Garnering Heightened Support from the Public & Policymakers

Ports must be prepared to communicate strategically when the need arises, such as when a crisis erupts or an opportunity unfolds to contribute information about an important issue or event. This session will address case studies in effective strategic communications planning and implementation, to help you successfully relay your organization’s messages in a rapidly changing communications environment.

Multimodal Perspectives on Emergency Preparation, Response & Recovery

Ports and their various transportation modal partners will discuss their organizations’ approaches to various emergency situations. The session will include key considerations surfaced by AAPA’s working group which focused on disaster planning and recovery in the wake of last year’s devastating hurricane season.

Innovative Approaches to Port Challenges

This session will feature a roundtable discussion highlighting best practices and lessons learned from award winning port projects and activities in the areas of communications, environmental management and facilities engineering.