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Latin American & Caribbean Executive Management Conference

February 22, 2006
Houston, Texas

Learn about the key issues relevant to port professionals in the Caribbean and Latin America at this vital conference. Topics will address "Port Competitiveness in Today’s Global Economy". A significant portion of the program will focus on administration and operation with the perspective of public administrators and private operators, shipping lines and international organizations.

Keynote Address

Port Productivity: Best Practices/Lessons Learned

  • Doris J. Bautch, Director, Great Lakes Region, U.S. DOT, Maritime Administration
  • James E. Clausner, Associate Technical Director for Navigation, U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center
  • Bruce Lambert, Senior Economist, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Inst. for Water Resources
  • Kevin Abt, Deputy Chief Engineer, Virginia Port Authority

Latin American Delegation Meeting

  • Carlos Gallegos, Executive Secretary, OAS, Inter-American Committee on Ports
  • Alicia Fuentes, Latin American Facilitator and Administrative Assistant, American Association of Port Authorities

Perspectives of Private Terminal Operators

  • Arturo Lopez, President, National Association of Sea Terminals and Ports
  • Wilen Manteli, Executive Director, Brazilian Association of Port Terminals
    (Text for Presentation Overview click here; for Manteli's presentation in Portuguese click here)

Perspectives from the International Organizations of Research

Lunch and Presentation of Certificates