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Professional Development Programs

AAPA Professional Development Programs focus on professionals throughout all phases of their career to ensure there is a steady pipeline of talent to lead ports in the future.

Are you interested in advancing your career and looking for an industry recognized certification or annual credential to pursue? Look no further than AAPA’s annual Port Professional Associate (PPA®) and Port Professional Executive (PPX®) Credential programs and the Port Professional Manager (PPM®) Certification program. AAPA offers three professional development pathways through the annual Port Professional Associate (PPA) and Port Professional Executive (PPX) Credential programs and the Port Professional Manager (PPM) Certification program. The application period will open in fall 2023 for the 2024 PPA credential and PPM certification programs. If you are interested in becoming a PPX, send an email to Shannon McLeod.

For more information about AAPA’s professional development programs, reach out to Julie Barelas at or (571) 839-6830.