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AAPA Headquarters & Staff

AAPA is organized into four departments including Administration, Outreach and Membership Services, Research and Information Services and U.S Government Relations.

  • Administration
    Kurt J. Nagle, President
    Jean Godwin, Executive Vice President/General Counsel
    Maria Estevez, Administrative Assistant
    Emma Jean Staton, Administrative Assistant

    Responsible for overall office administration and finance. Works with the Board of Directors and Executive Committees.
  • Outreach and Membership Services
    Jean Godwin, Executive Vice President/General Counsel
    Edward L. O'Connell, Director of Membership Services
    Tom Hranac, Assistant Director of Membership Services and Latin American Facilitator
    Meredith Martino, Chief Engagement Officer
    Katie Miller, Database Manager
    Aaron Ellis, Public Affairs Director 
    Mary Beth Long, Chief External Affairs Officer
    Andrew Cameron, Communications and Membership Assistant
    Rafael Díaz-Balart, Latin American Coordinator
    Jodi Gibson, Manager of Training and Programs

    Plans, markets and coordinates the annual education and training programs; plans, markets and coordinates the Spring Conference and Annual Convention; plans and implements AAPA's public awareness program including: media relations, brochures, speeches and presentations; maintains membership information and databases; is responsible for membership issues such as credentials filing and dues assessments; provides membership packets to solicit new members; coordinates production of the annual SEAPORTS OF THE AMERICAS directory and Seaports Magazine; assists with policy development to support government relations; coordinates production of special publications; responsible for information technology infrastructure and AAPA web development; administers the Professional Port Manager (PPM®) certification program; serves as staff liaisons to the Finance, Facilities Engineering, Environment, Law Review, Public Relations, Economic Development, and Operations Committees.

  • U.S. Government Relations
    Susan Monteverde, Vice President of Government Relations
    Jim Walker, Director of Navigation Policy and Legislation
    John Young, Director of Freight and Surface Transportation Policy
    Pam Maher, Government Relations Facilitator

    Tracks legislative and regulatory issues; lobbies members of Congress on bills of interest to industry; works with Administration, Congress, Federal Agencies on port issues; produces ALERT newsletter; serves as staff liaisons for the Legislative Policy Council, Cruise, Harbors & Navigation Committees.