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Membership Benefits

About AAPA Membership BenefitsMembers of each of AAPA’s four delegations benefit from AAPA’s extensive education and training programs, its annual programs such as the Spring Conference and Convention, and from the Association’s research, communications and public awareness efforts on behalf of ports. In addition, AAPA’s U.S. members are represented in Washington, D.C., by Association lobbyists.

AAPA Industry Solution Providers, Supply Chain Partners and Honorary members benefit from reduced rates at seminars and conferences, regular communication via AAPA newsletters and the Web site, and opportunities to network as members of AAPA technical committees, among other things.


Industry Solution Provider Benefits - AAPA's Industry Solution Provider membership includes over 200 private companies that provide products, services or technologies to the seaport industry. Membership dues are determined by the Board of Directors. Current annual Industry Solution Provider member dues are US $2,000.00 and cover membership for 12 months from the date of application. Applications for Industry Solution Provider membership are subject to approval by the Board of Directors.

AAPA offers a number of opportunities to ISPs to promote and market their companies to the global seaport industry. These opportunities include: 

  • Exhibitions (table top as well as full pipe and drape shows) opportunities
  • AAPA technical committee participation
  • Advertising in AAPA publications and web sites
  • Presenting at AAPA education and training programs
  • Corporate sponsorship opportunities 
  • Regular industry updates via AAPA publications
    • SEAPORTS - the quarterly magazine that examines timely issues and relevant port industry topics
    • ADVISORY - the weekly newsletter with the latest industry news
    • ALERT - Provides needed updates and calls for action on relevant legislative and regulatory issues

There is no better way for an organization to raise its profile in the global seaport industry than by being an AAPA Industry Solution Provider!


Supply Chain Partner Benefits - AAPA's Supply Chain Partners include Ocean Carriers, Terminal Operators, Stevedores, Ro-Ro Carriers, Truckers, BCOs and similar organizations with considerable commercial interests in seaports. Membership dues are determined by the Board of Directors. Current annual Supply Chain Partner member dues are US $3,800.00, and cover membership for 12 months from the date of application. Applications for Supply Chain Partner membership are subject to approval by the Board of Directors.

Our mission remains, to advocate for the 31 million American workers whose livelihoods are directly tied to seaports, and deliver an important message to policymakers and national leaders about the vital role we play on behalf of communities and consumers across the country. With the engagement of your organization and others like it, the maritime community will benefit from new insights and fresh perspectives, and together we can tell an even more compelling story about the nation’s seaports. We are also pleased to offer our members ongoing access to training resources, partnerships, business contact opportunities and can’t-miss events that connect, inform and unify maritime professionals everywhere.


U.S. Delegation - There are 79 U.S. members in AAPA's U.S. delegation, representing the major seaports on all four coasts. One of AAPA's foremost responsibilities to its U.S. port members is to develop policy positions and represent and advocate those positions before the U.S. Congress, federal agencies and the White House. AAPA also works with numerous coalitions representing maritime, trade and transportation organizations on key issues. The Association monitors federal regulations and meets regularly with federal agencies on port-related matters for its U.S. members.

Canadian Delegation - There are currently 14 Canadian port members of AAPA. Primary benefits for Canadian member ports are AAPA's educational programs and opportunities for networking, which the seminars and Annual Convention afford. AAPA regularly conducts technical seminars in Canadian port cities each year. AAPA publications report news and information relating to Canadian ports.

Caribbean Delegation - There are currently 8 Caribbean delegation members who benefit from the publications, education and networking opportunities provided for all ports. AAPA seminars held at Caribbean locations have addressed topics such as cruise terminals and security. The Association also occasionally holds other meetings at Caribbean locations.

Latin American Delegation - AAPA currently has 35 Latin American members. In addition to a bimonthly Spanish newsletter, Latin American members benefit from the annual Latin American Congress of Ports held in different port cities and countries. AAPA also conducts special technical seminars each year on timely port management issues.