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AAPA Membership: Critical to Your Port, Your People & Your Business

AAPA connects, informs and unifies ports, maritime industry partners and solution providers facing the demands of a global economy. While maritime and infrastructure challenges have a global impact, they also hit home in communities where ports sustain jobs and create opportunities.

At AAPA, we arm port leaders, professionals and maritime executives with the resources they need to discern and act upon industry trends and educate their stakeholders on key issues. We also keep a watchful eye on the critical issues that affect our diversified membership. With the engagement of your organization and others, the maritime community will benefit from new insights and fresh perspectives. 

As the pre-eminent voice of the seaport industry, AAPA works with its members to amplify key industry messages and conducts vital public and policymaker education that builds support for the essential role and value of ports in the western hemisphere. Together we can tell an even more compelling story about the nation’s seaports.

Members benefit from AAPA’s extensive education and training programs, professional development, annual events such as the Legislative Summit and Annual Convention, and from the Association’s research, communications and public awareness initiatives. In addition, AAPA’s U.S. port members are represented in Washington, D.C., by Association lobbyists.

With different ways to join – as a port member, industry solution provider, supply chain partner or associate member – we can find the type of membership that works best for you. Join AAPA today.