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Western Hemisphere Ports Day – April 5, 2023

Ports Day 2023

Western Hemisphere Ports Day is a unique opportunity for AAPA members to collaboratively recognize and celebrate the value of ports.

Strong Ports, Strong People

The theme this year, Strong Ports, Strong People, acknowledges ports for their active role in making ongoing investments to ensure supply chain efficiencies, building for a resilient future, and fostering professional development to realize opportunities for a better tomorrow. Ports are:

Keeping the Supply Chain Fluid and Efficient

Ports throughout the Western Hemisphere continue to make investments to ensure the flow of cargo and help improve supply chain fluidity through increased port capacity and more efficient operations. Ports continue to deliver vital goods and services, ship exports, and connect farmers, manufacturers, retailers and consumers to the global marketplace.

Preparing for a Resilient Future

Ports are already taking an active role in planning, developing and implementing projects for improving infrastructure and reducing the physical and economic impacts of climate change. Ports are collaborating with industry leaders, allocating resources, and working to lessen the burden on our planet while building stronger, more resilient communities.

Spearheading Professional Development

Ports are taking a proactive approach to educate community organizations, students, and other local groups, about professional development pathways and career opportunities at ports, as well as their importance to the regional economy. Ports are committed to promoting DEI through various programs aimed at ensuring the most talented employees, regardless of their backgrounds, are being prepared to be the next port leaders.


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