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Technology Resources

2016 Port Security & IT Seminar
This seminar will focus on both security and information technology topics, including cybersecurity and mobile access to data. Information technology-focused sessions include Emerging Security Technologies, Cloud Computing & the Internet of Things and Future Technology Staffing & Skillsets.

Information Technology Committee
The AAPA Information Technology Committee focuses on electronic data interchange, management information systems and other automation initiatives. The Committee is open to all members of the Association, including corporate (port) members and sustaining (port industry solution providers) members.

Information Technology Awards Program
The AAPA Information Technology Awards highlight port technology accomplishments in the areas of “Port Operations and Management Systems” and “Improvements in Intermodal Freight Transportation.” Participation is open to all corporate members of the association.

Seaports Magazine Fall 2015: Big Data, Big Possibilities
The fall 2015 issue of Seaports magazine focused on the possibilities surrounding big data in and around ports. Articles include Greenlight on Green Metrics, Trusting Third Party Data and Navigating the Waves of Transportation Data.

2015 Cybersecurity Seminar
The 2015 AAPA Cybersecurity Seminar examined the ways in which cybersecurity impacts port operations and informed attendees about emerging issues related to cyber threats, regulation of cybersecurity plans, the availability of federal funds to address cybersecurity at ports and the handling of cyber incidents at ports.