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Port Finance Seminar

May 16, 2006
Baltimore, Maryland

Look no further if you are a port finance and administration officer, port planning professional, or other senior port executive. This is your opportunity to learn more about the complex issues relating to port finance. Topics will include: trends and new approaches in port financing; FASB/GASB updates; state funding of ports; customer bankruptcy; personnel administration; risk management and insurance; impact of environmental issues on port facility financing; capital planning and investment; bond issues; trends in tax exempt financing for ports; innovations in sourcing public port funding; and credit and collections issues.

Economic update

Funding Update

* US Perspective:

* Latin-American Perspective:

  • Natalia Urriza, Chief Financial Officer, Port of Bahia Blanca, Argentina

* Federal Perspective:

* Canadian Perspective:

  • Donna Bartel, Manager, Security and Emergency Planning, Fraser River Port Authority

What Does the Future Hold?

U.S. and Canadian Accounting Issues: “Sarbanes – Oxley in North America”



Latin American Accounting Issues: “Determining the New Tariff Plan Based on Productivity”

  • Rafael Gómez Lara, Manager of Maritime Port Projects, Felipe Ochoa Associates Consulting, MEXICO

Economic Value Added as a Tool for Finance Decisions at Ports

  • Raul Arenas, Chief Financial Officer, Port of Santa Marta, COLOMBIA

Strategic Thinking Workshop

Disasters – Katrina, Rita and Wilma

  • Joe Abston, Manager of Finance & Administration, Port of Pascagoula

Disasters – Recovery from a Financial Perspective

Disasters – Katrina, Rita and Wilma – the Result

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA): Processes and Procedures Workshop for Disaster Recovery and Reimbursement