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Emergency Preparation and Response Seminar

July 11, 2006
Portland, Oregon

Is your port ready for a natural disaster? The 2006 Planning and Research Committee seminar will address how to prepare for and recover from a variety of emergency situations ranging from hurricanes to earthquakes. This program will provide specific training useful to port management, attorneys, engineers, operations personnel, communications staff and risk managers. Panelists will share their experiences and lessons learned from Hurricane Katrina and other natural disasters.

Lessons Learned from Port Emergencies

Who’s on First?

  • Ken Murphy, Director, Oregon Office of Emergency Management (OEM)
  • Fred Abousleman, Transportation Director, National Association of Regional Councils
  • Bob Pond, Chief, Incident Management and Contingency Preparedness Division, U.S. Coast Guard (G-RPP-1)

Biosecurity – Avian Influenza and Other Communicable Diseases

Preparation through Planning – Part 1

Risk Management and Insurance

  • David Solis, Manager, Risk Management, Port of Corpus Christi Authority

Finance, Administration, and Personnel

  • Jim Eldridge, Director of Finance and Administration, Port of Houston Authority


Preparation through Planning – Part 2

Port Operations and Facilities

Legal Issues


  • Harold (Hal) Hudgins, Vice President, Planning and Security, Alabama State Port Authority, Vice Chairman, AAPA Operations Committee

Keynote Address: “Rubble to Recovery”

COOP – Continuity of Operations Planning

Seeking and Receiving Federal Assistance