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PPM Papers

PPM Name Port Affiliation Year Resource Name
Patrick Nwachokor Port Houston 2017 Port of Houston Authority Bayport Cruise Terminal Transformation into a Ro-Ro Terminal: A Business Success
Schubert Méndez Oliver Administración Nacional de Puertos, Uruguay 2017 Desarrollo de un puerto en el Río Yaguarón como impulsor de la Hidrovía Uruguay – Brasil: Diagnóstico y perspectivas
Álvaro Tanco González Administración Nacional de Puertos, Uruguay 2017 Operaciones del proceso del dragado, aspectos fundamentales A.N.P.
Nicholas Vandenheiligenberg Port Everglades 2017 Professional Port Manager (AAPA/PPM®) Residency Report: Port of Rotterdam
Gerardo Checre Adippe Guerra Administración Nacional de Puertos, Uruguay 2016 Gestión integral de la seguridad y protección portuaria, A.N.P.
Jorge Milton D'Angelo Pardo Administración Nacional de Puertos, Uruguay 2016 Gestión del proceso de dragado en la A.N.P.
Néstor Fernández Lettieri Administración Nacional de Puertos, Uruguay 2016 Integración de sistemas IT en la cadena logística del SNP – Sistema Nacional de Puertos de Uruguay
Richert L. Self Lakes Charles Harbor & Terminal District 2016 The Port of Long Beach: A Model for Capital Planning
Elizabeth Ogden, Blair Garcia, Chris Bonura, and Matt Gresham PortMiami, WSP | Parsons Brinckerhoff, Port of New Orleans, Port of New Orleans 2016 Port Planning & Investment Toolkit Support: AAPA PPM Team Project Report
David Morrison, PE, and Dakota Chamberlain, PE Port of Tacoma; The Northwest Seaport Alliance 2016 Competition to Cooperation: Formation of the Northwest Seaport Alliance
Marcelo Marcora Administración Portuaria de Puerto Madryn, Argentina 2015 Adecuación y rentabilidad Administración Portuaria Puerto Madryn: análisis de la operación logística minera y los beneficios para el sector portuario
Mariano González Administración Portuaria de Puerto Madryn, Argentina 2015 La pesca en el mar de los argentinos: la depredación de la merluza hubbsi
Mariano Taylor Administración Portuaria de Puerto Madryn, Argentina 2015 Procesos de corrosión, importancia de monitoreo y mantenimiento de pilotes metálicos del muelle Almirante Storni
Martin Liendo Administración Portuaria de Puerto Madryn, Argentina 2015 Análisis del riesgo ambiental: introducción de especies exóticas en el Golfo Nuevo por limpieza de cascos de los navíos a flote
Natalia Hellriegel Administración Portuaria de Puerto Madryn, Argentina 2015 Estrategias sustentables para consolidar al Puerto Madryn como puerto de escala y homeport de cruceros
Michael A. Smith Port of Pascagoula 2014 Overview of National and Local Navigational and Water Resources Concerns – Report of an AAPA Headquarters and Corps District Residency
Marcos Nicocia Administración Portuaria de Puerto Madryn, Argentina 2014 Business Plan for the Development of the Madryn Intermodal Logistics Terminal
Paula Copeland Port Saint John 2014 An Inclusive Approach to Port Management: Stakeholder Engagement in Practice at Port Saint John
Neil J. Kutchera  Port Everglades 2014 CruiseSchedule: A Mobile Cruise Guide Application for the Port of San Diego
Michael Vanderbeek Massachusetts Port Authority 2014 Ports of Ningbo and Qingdao, China
Dr. Noel Hacegaba Port of Long Beach 2014 Big Ships, Big Challenges: The Impact of Mega Container Vessels on U.S. Port Authorities
J. David Anderton II, AICP Port Everglades 2014 Improving Seaport/Airport Connectivity
Larry Kelley Port Arthur 2014 Valuation of Public Ports – Communities Context and Public Policy Perspective
Molly Campbell Port of Los Angeles 2014 Professional Port Manager Report (PPM) - Residency at the Port of New York & New Jersey - May 2014
Catherine McGrail Port of Halifax 2014 Port of Halifax Cruise Growth Strategy & Shore Power Technology
Natacha Yacinthe Broward County Port Everglades 2014 The Seaport Planning Activities of American Association of Port Authorities (AAPA) Member Seaports
Isaías Pedro Andrés Migueles Consorcio de Gestión del Puerto de Quequén, Argentina 2013 Impact of the Management Consortium Tariffs on Port Costs in Grain and Oil Ports
Luisa Fernanda Aáron Guerrero Port of Santa Marta 2013 El Desarollo de la Infraestructura Portuaria en Latinoamérica como Factor de Crecimiento para la Región
Manuel Almira Port of Palm Beach 2013 A Business Case for a South Florida Inland Port
Hugh W. McConnell Caddo-Bossier Parishes Port Commission 2013 Port Operations: A Tool for Economic Development
Drew Heaphy St. Bernard Port, Harbor and Terminal District 2013 The Louisiana Port Construction and Development Priority Program and the Affects of the Program on the Port of St. Bernard
Mario Goicoechea Port of Quequén 2011 Port Selection Criteria by Exporters of Agricultural Commoditites: Case Study of the Port of Quequén Members Only
Scott D. Keller Port of Benton 2011 Transfer of Government Property to Port Districts – Pros and Cons Members Only
Martine Bélanger Québec Port Authority 2010 The Development of International Cruises and the Implementation of a Cruise Terminal in Québec City Members Only
Mauricio Suarez Ramírez Sociedad Portuaria de Santa Marta S.A., Colombia 2010 Characterization of the Evolution of Coal Exports and International Tourism Processes via the Sea Terminal of Santa Marta – 2000-2010 Members Only
Valentin Moran Puerto de Bahía Blanca, Argentina 2010 Argentina and Its Prospective Port System Members Only
Alberto C. Carnevali Puerto de Bahía Blanca, Argentina 2010 Integrated Plan for Job Security, Protection and Environment in Ports: Evaluation of Indicators Members Only
Edgardo Vicente Spagnolo Puerto de Bahía Blanca, Argentina 2010 Logistics Activities Areas (ZAL) Tool for the Development of the Port of Bahía Blanca Container Terminal Members Only
Eusebio Vega Bueza Autoridad Portuaria Nacional (Callao, Perú) 2010 Port Competitiveness and Business Strategy: Case Study Port of Callao Members Only
María Natalia Urriza Consorcio de Gestión del Puerto de Bahía Blanca 2010 Integration of the Planning Processes and Management Control System (MCS) for a Decentralized Port Authority Members Only
Mónica Tirado Masías de Pimentel Autoridad Portuaria Nacional (Callao, Perú) 2010 The Efficiency of the Containers Movement in Callao Port in Comparison with the Efficiency of Successful Ports Members Only
Juan Kuryla Port of Miami 2010 Pros and Cons of Long Term Agreements with Large Volume Customers at Ports Members Only
Khalid A. Salahuddin Port of Miami 2010 Seaport Security Standards: Has Compliance Placed Florida's Deepwater Ports at a Competitive Disadvantage in Relation to Other Ports in the Region? Members Only
Henry Torres Moreno Cartagena, Colombia 2009 Influences Technology in the Operative Processes of the Port Members Only
Jose Roberto Escalante Castro San Salvador, El Salvador 2009 Maritime and Port Authority of the Salvador Port Concession in El Salvador Members Only
Ramon Aristides Herrera Coello San Salvador, El Salvador 2009 Maritime and Port Authority of the Salvador Price-Setting for Port Services: Factors and Tools Members Only
Joel Valenzuela Port of San Diego 2009 A Case Study: Port of San Diego and Proposition B: Preserving Port Cargo Facilities in the Face of Pressures for Alternative Commercial/Recreational Uses Members Only
Melanie Sherman Port of Houston Authority 2009 Investing in our Future: The Port of Houston Authority and the Houston Independent School District Maritime Academy Members Only
Alejandro Oliveros Neira Terminal Marítimo Muelles El Bosque S.A. 2009 Bulk Container Terminal Indicators in the Caribbean Coast of Colombia for Selection Criteria and Benchmarking Members Only
Guillermo Torres Taborda Cartagena, Colombia 2009 Port Logistic Supply Chain for Export Traffic in the Container Segment- Selection Criteria for Choosing a Port Members Only
Hugo Rincon Perez CARTAGENA DE INDIAS D T C H, Colombia 2009 Cargo Logistics Techniques and Technology Program Members Only
Óscar José Maldonado Pájaro Muelles El Bosque Operadores Portuarios S.A. 2009 Analysis of the Effects of the United States - Colombia Trade Promotion Agreement on Solid Bulk Cargo Maritime Terminals on the Colombian Caribbean Coast Members Only
Joe Cappel Toledo-Lucas County Port Authority 2009 The Modernization of a Great Lakes Seaport Members Only
Rodney W. Oliver Virginia Port Authority 2009 ISO 9001 Quality Management System Implementation in a Port Setting Members Only
Gary P. LaGrange Port of New Orleans 2008 Lessons Learned From A Natural Disaster: A Case Study About the Port of New Orleans and Hurricane Katrina Members Only
Phyllis Saathoff Port Freeport 2007 Emergency Preparedness & Continuity of Operations Planning Members Only
Jesse Grooms, Jr. Virginia International Terminals, Inc. 2006 A Successful Accounts Receivable Program Involves More Than Just Collecting Payments Members Only
Patricia Cardenas Port of Corpus Christi Authority 2006 21st Century Challenges for Military Strategic Port Authorities Members Only
Cheryl Taylor Maryland Port Administration 2006 Developing the Next Generation of Leaders at the Port of Portland Members Only
J. Michael Zachary Port of Tacoma 2005 The Role of a Port Authority in Container Supply Chain Security Members Only
Steve Tyndal Port Manatee 2005 The Role of Public Relations in Port Expansion: A Case Study Members Only
Steven Cernak Port of Galveston 2005 The Use of Innovative Financing Techniques in the Redevelopment of Port Facilities The Port of Galveston’s Recent Experience as a Case Study Members Only
William E. Ellis Port Authority of New York & New Jersey 2005 Port Inland Distribution Network Members Only
Eric England Port of Shreveport-Bossier 2004 A Port in Transition: A Case Study of Traditional and Non-Traditional Methods of Operational Development Members Only
Ramgopal Kancharla Tampa Port Authority 2004 Port of Tampa Transportation Plan: A Case Study of the Tampa Port Authority’s Efforts to Document and pursue its Intermodal Transportation Priorities Members Only
Bernard List Maya Lines 2003 Cruise-Ferry/Fast-Ferry Service From a U.S. Gulf or South Atlantic Port to an Eastern or Western Caribbean Destination: A Business Development Case Study Members Only
Frank C. Brogan Port of Corpus Christi 2003 Port of Corpus Christi, Texas, Waterfront Development Members Only
Jerry M. Simon Canaveral Port Authority 2003 Shipboard Firefight Capabilities of a Deepwater Seaport: A Case Study of Port Canaveral Members Only
Peter Lehman South Carolina State Ports Authority 2003 South Carolina Legislators Trade Institute From Conceptualization to Realization Members Only
Robert E. McChesney Port of Everett 2003 A Community in Transition: A Case Study in Risk Management Assessment Members Only
Andy McDonough Duluth Seaway Port Authority 2002 Risks and Opportunities for Non-Traditional Development in Small Ports Members Only
Robert Tolsma Gee & Jenson 2002 Consultant Selection and Contracting -- The Process Members Only
Ron Popham Port of Sacramento 2002 Marketing A Break-Bulk/Bulk Niche Port: A Case Study of the Port of Sacramento Members Only
Thomas Heidt Port of Houston Authority 2002 Port Rankings: Fact of Fiction Members Only
Ana Rey Administración Nacional de Puertos (Uruguay) 2000 Marketing Portuario Members Only
Gilberto Asprilla Rivas Sociedad Portuaria Regional de Buenaventura 2000 Comunidad Portuaria y Plan de Calidad para Buenaventura Members Only
Lauren Kotas Canaveral Port Authority 2000 Developing a Container Feeder Facility at Port Canaveral, FL Members Only
John W. Holt, Jr. Port of Shreveport-Bossier 1999 Evolving Inland Port Facilitator Members Only
Mario Montemurro Administración Nacional de Puertos (Uruguay) 1999 Las Relaciones Internacionales en Los Sistemas Portuarios Como Factor de Integración de Puertos Members Only
H. Thomas Kornegay Port of Houston Authority 1998 Public Ports vs. Private Ports Members Only
Herman Deutsch API de Puerto Madero 1998 Commercialization and Privatization: A Case Study of the Port of Veracruz Members Only
John Horan Port of Houston Authority 1998 The Development of Barbours Cut Container Terminal at Houston, Texas Members Only
M. Christine Anderson Port of Port Angeles 1998 Enhancing Port Revenues Through Development and Management of Real Estate Assets (Port of Port Angeles and Port of San Diego Experiences) Members Only
Tom Corsie Fraser River Port Authority 1998 A Case Study of Different Approaches to Public/Private Partnerships in the Port Sector Members Only
Walter Gómez Bernal Chile 1998 El Corredor Bioceánico de la Patagonia Members Only
Allen O. Domaas Fraser River Port Authority 1997 Two Models of Conflict Resolution Members Only
Bill McGregor Port of Olympia 1997 The Port of Olympia's Strategic Planning Process Members Only
Byron Hanke Port of Vancouver, WA 1997 The Port's Role in Community Affairs Members Only
Carlos Manterola Carlson Chile 1997 Nueva Institucionalidad en el Sector Portuario Estatal Members Only
David Cree Windsor Port Authority 1997 The Environmental Assessment Process - A Case Study Members Only
David F.Bellefontaine Halifax Port Authority 1997 Effective Public Relations Strategies for Port Management Professionals Members Only
Denis J. White Port Alberni Port Authority 1997 Port in Transition: Port Alberni, British Columbia, Canada Members Only
Dominic J. Taddeo Montreal Port Authority 1997 The Growing Importance of the Container Trade for the Port of Montreal and the Accompanying Business Concentration: How to Diversity its Operational and Financial Risk Members Only
Donald G. Buggie Vancouver Port Authority 1997 Alternative Financing Sources -- The Canadian Experience -- A Vancouver Port Corporation Case Study Members Only
Doug J. Marchand Georgia Ports Authority 1997 Port Marketing/Sales in the Age of Rationalization — Can the Port Influence the Decision? Members Only
Gary Brush Fraser River Port Authority 1997 Reorganization in a Port Setting Members Only
Gary L. Failor Cleveland-Cuyahoga County Port Authority 1997 Development Financing: Revenue Opportunities and Diversification for Port Authorities Members Only
George T. Williamson Tampa Port Authority 1997 ISTEA and the Port of Houston Authority: A Case Study Members Only
George W. Colquhoun North Fraser Port Authority 1997 Share Vision/Shared Purpose: How One Small Port Works With Several Large Bureaucracies Members Only
J. Robert Bray Virginia Port Authority 1997 Virginia Inland Port: The Case for Moving a Marine Terminal to an Inland Location Members Only
Jose Egido Conte Puerto de Bahía Blanca 1997 Análisis de Factibilidad Técnico-Económica del Ente Público no Estatal Puerto de Bahía Blanca Members Only
Joseph Cocchiara, Jr. Port of New Orleans 1997 Dealing with High Risk Development Projects: Lessons Learned from Riverboat Gaming in the Port of New Orleans Members Only
Patrick Gallwey Port of New Orleans 1997 Port Planning: An Evolutionary Process — A Case Study of the Port of New Orleans Members Only
Paul Chilcote Port of Tacoma 1997 Planning and Development of On-Dock Rail: The Port of Tacoma Case Study Members Only
Richard C. Pearce Fraser River Port Authority 1997 So, You Want to do Strategic Planning? A Case Study of: Strategic Planning at the Fraser River Harbour Commission Members Only
Robert Van Borssum Port of Port Lavaca/Point Comfort 1997 Intergovernmental Cooperation: Areas of Fiscal and Technical Support and Cooperation for Port Authorities Members Only
Wayne Stubbs Port of Fernandina 1997 Privatization of U.S. Port Facilities Members Only
Charles A. Towsley Port of Miami 1996 Waterfront Development Plan Creates Port Diversification Opportunity: Port of Tampa's Garrison Seaport Center, A Case Study Members Only
Clifford C. Mendoza Jacksonville Port Authority 1996 A Neglected Marketing Initiative: Your Own Home Communities Members Only
David L. McDonald Manatee County Port Authority 1996 Developing a Compelling Mission Plan Members Only
David Wagner Port of New Orleans 1996 On Time, Under Budget -- Developing and Implementing a Major New Port-Related Capital Program that Exceeds Expectations Members Only
Thomas J. Dowd University of Washington 1996 Measuring the Financial Bottom Line Members Only
J. Ron Brinson Port of New Orleans 1995 Public Port Authorities and Private Sector Service Providers Members Only

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